Returning a Large item via Freepost ?

Posted 8th Apr 2008
Hi all,
I purchased some items from Maplin a few weeks ago one of the items being a pressure washer they had on sale, it arrived and was missing all the accessories it was supposed to come with. They've asked I send it back (rather than just send me the missing bits!) and have emailed me a freepost address...
How do I send it back for free?
As I don't know if the Post Office will take it (being so big - around 70cm x 50 x 50)

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Whatever you do get a receipt of posting, just write the freepost address all over it
Phone your local post office and see if they can take it or if they can advise who can. Like octobergirl says make sure you get proof of posting so you can prove you sent it back
yes mate the post office will take it and it will get charged to maplins account when it goes through the system.
yes, shouldn't be a problem. some retailers like boots even put in labels and proof of posting to make it easy for the customer to return items via the PO if necessary.
the main post office will accept it even if they send it parcelforce
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