Returning a Samsung NC10 Netbook

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Found 27th Feb 2009
I purchased a samsung nc10 but im really not getting used to the small screen. I used to work on a dell xps m170 17''. Can i return the netbook back to curry's store just because i am not happy with the netbook. Or do i have to say something like my cousin bought me one for my birthday and my parents bought me one so i don't need this. Anything that can get them to accept the return and refund my parents te £322.99 they paid? Any advice would be much appreciated.

Hope to return this friday 27th feb.



They wont take it back unless it's faulty end of.

Especially if the seal is broken.

No way of forcing them. It's managers discretion, unless they have some sort of customer satisfaction guarantee that I don't know of.

Pack it up all neat and tidy and see what they say.

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It had no seal on the box and i have all the packaging and haven't removed the lcd and back cover. So i could say it hasn't been opened will they check? Obviously i will reformat the netbook?

Depends on the laziness of the manager/staff of the particular store.

You have no chance Curry's are the worst for returning items the only way they might take it back is if its faulty but they will more than likely ask you to leave it so a tech can check it out and if nothings found to be wrong they may charge you for the testing.Why did you buy it in the first place surely you knew it was small if i where you i wouldn't embarrass myself trying to get them to take it back either keep it or sell it and take the loss.


I just took one back to Currys in very similar circumstances - provided the covers are still attached and there's no gross scratches or anything, you should be OK - wrap all of the stuff up as much as exactly as it was - the woman just took the thing out and checked it looked Ok - didn't try to turn it on or anything. I'd only set it up once and then reformatted - and mine really was an unwanted gift. (OH bought me one in blue and I want one in white ;-))

The NC-10 I bought my daughter from curry's had been used.... still had the previous owners msn, mail and photos on it....... to say Currys were less than appologetic is an understatement.... And I had to wait nearly an hour for the slip case which was missing while they faffed around getting another one for me.

So I would say they do accept returns as I was sold one by them, the gits....

For everything bar travelling, I use an external monitor just beside my NC10. Works a treat.... I'm on it now.

Sell it on eBay and u cud recoup at least 80%+ of its value- No stress at least!!! Hope it helps...
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