Returning a sealed game withiut reciept?

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Found 2nd Jan 2015
I ended up with two copies of Assassins Creed for PS4 this Christmas so was wondering which, if any retailers, would accept a return on one of those copies with no reciept? It is still sealed but just no receipt. Guessing store credit is the best I'm looking at but no idea if Game or CEX would do that?


I'd struggle to see why any company would accept returns on games without proof. Never seen it happen before even if sealed. You'd be better off on eBay/Gumtree if you can't get the receipt from the gift giver

Best bet might be one of the supermarkets, but I doubt they'd do it. I know I've returned things to Asda in the past with no receipt, but this is a bit more expensive, so they might not be willing to do it. Possibly depends on the person at the desk at the time.

I have returned sealed games without a receipt on occasion - i used a bank statement as a kind of proof of purchase. Though as others have said, it depends on who is on the till.

ask whoever got them you if they still have reciept

I've done it before, but the best you can hope for is store credit

Cex will give you£24 trade voucher

It doesn't matter to cex if it is sealed or not. They take it straight out the packaging.
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