Returning a TV.. my rights and cost?

Found 11th Sep 2017
So I wanted a big fancy 4K TV, decided my 7 year old Plasma was old tech. Got an LED from the Ebay Panasonic outlet last week.. 58 inch with an amazing picture BUT the poor viewing angles, motion judder, light bleed and dirty screen effect are doing my head in.

in the T&C's it mentions a 14 day cooling off period. Can I return the TV even though I've set it up and used it?

...and any idea how much it would cost to return a 58 inch TV that needs a 2 man courier?
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Look at the listings reruns policy?
If it was Buy it now then yes you can. If it was some form of Auction you are at the mercy of the sellers process.
Most likely you can, how else can you evaluate it without setting it up.
Do the distance selling regulations apply with this seller?
It was buy it now yes
The picture quality may be to do with the settings. I bought a Panasonic tv. The reviews were mixed, but I gave it a punt. The sound was atrocious, so I bought a sound bar. Great sound. Then I was playing one day, looking at the settings and saw sound was on something like 'showroom' (I can't remember exactly what it is called) so I googled it. On one site someone said that all Panasonic tvs are shipped in 'showroom' mode. This makes the sound sharp and tinny, so you can hear it in a loud shop. I changed the settings and now have great sound from the tv too.
I'm not sure about picture settings, but maybe there's a 'showroom setting' too. Worth a look?
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Dont get me wrong, the picture quality on HD and 4K is phenomenal on this TV. I uploaded this example of HD quality.

The problem lies when watching football and playing Fifa.. it suffers dirty screen effect and even more annoyingly.. I can see light bleed from a couple of the corners.. but only when I'm watching or playing football for some odd reason. Dark scenes and movies are spot on with no clouding or light bleed. Its a small annoyance tes but coming from Plasma I dont know if I can get used to it !
I will look further into the sound settings too .. as you say the sound has been terrible. Dont mind buying a decent sound bar tho.
I think being a large item Panasonic should be able to help in the returns as it won't be the first time they have come across this. They might even have a free returns but until you contact them you won't know. I would not use eBay's returns as they will offer you Hermes. Just contact them via eBay first. Also you have made me more inclined to keep my plasma for a bit longer.
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I would stick with Plasma. I feel like Ive went from a Ferrari to Nissan Micra
I think if you paid by Paypal then there is an option to reclaim the return postage charge. Check with PayPal.…350
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Does it have different settings? My Samsung has a movie and sports options so you can have different settings etc. Have you looked on AV Forums, they normally have a few threads on optimum settings, they're not always exactly to your liking but they can give you a starting point.
Ive done all that.. calibrated it.. tweaked settings here and there.. its mostly when Im playing PES on ps4 I can see light peaking out of one of the corners... its annoying me. I'm gonna give it a few more days to get used to it.. maybe I'm being over picky.

If I'd never owned a Plasma or only bought this for TV and watching movies I would be over the moon with it
Notting8 h, 12 m ago

I think if you paid by Paypal then there is an option to reclaim the …I think if you paid by Paypal then there is an option to reclaim the return postage charge. Check with PayPal.

this, you can claim back up to £15 for 12 returns until December 31

you need to opt in and then the return postage refund option appears in the transaction details

if doing this make sure you have proof of postage with the return address on, it has to match their return address on PayPal as far as I know

you also need photos of the packaging showing the address it's being sent to

opt in here…rns

worth trying direct for a free return though unless you want to pay the extra, as it'll probably cost more than £15
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