Posted 14th Nov 2022
Hi, I purchased a fairly large kitchen appliance from Amazon. It is new and sealed and wanted to return as purchased an alternative via Amazon.

The Amazon returns process only allows me to select Evri for the return and I want to avoid that. I contacted CS who said return it to an address in Fife. However, they couldn't explain how this could be done using the Evri returns label. They did state they cannot offer any other courier themselves and I can send back at my own cost and recoup it later.

The Evri returns label has an address in Yorkshire. Can I print the Evri returns label, chop their barcode off from the right hand side of returns label and send it back via another courier??

There's no identifiable information about the order or my account on the returns label but there's another scannable thing on the left hand side like you'd get on a boarding pass (not a QR code).

Thanks in advance
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    Always use Amazons return service, even if it is Evri. The return will be processed faster and if anything goes wrong Amazon are responsible. If you use any other carrier it's your responsibility until it arrives at Amazon.
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    Yep like said above use amazon return service if it gets lost its amazon's responsibility if you prefer you can pay a separate company to deliver it but I wouldn't reccomend that option
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    I refused to send a laptop back last year via Evri (and told Amazon why). I sent it back via Parcelforce at my own expense but Amazon did pay the postage costs back, once I'd supplied evidence, as agreed on Live Chat.

    Depending on dimensions, Parcelforce ships items up to 30kg. DPD might be a better bet for heavier / bulkier items. (edited)
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    I doubt Evri would "lose" a large kitchen appliance. A laptop, on the other hand...
    Is that because they can't throw the appliance over the fence or fit it in a rubbish bin?
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    Thanks for the feedback. So three people saying stick with Evri and one response with non Evri. My worry is that I'll post here next week saying Amazon had an empty box returned. Currently trying to weigh up the risk vs possible confusion without Amazon label.

    I'm still trying to work out what the various barcodes are. If the one on the left is internal I can chop the Amazon one from the right. That way it shouldn't be any issue?
    What guarantee have you got that a different courier wouldn't deliver an empty box?

    As others have said, stick with Evri for the reasons already stated by others above.
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    If you want the least hassle, follow Amazon's process.
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    The best thing here is to use the prepaid label Amazon provide, i have been in a similar situation where I have used my own label and the parcel has got lost, Amazon refused to refund me postage costs and item, instead stated you used your own label so contact them. the returns provided by amazon can be tracked so use there’s.
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    I would be inclined to do what the majority on here have suggested, much less hassle for you.
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    I have always used Amazon's return whether that be EVRI or some other. As soon as the parcel is collected I get a notice saying return accepted and normally within a few hours I get a message saying refunded to original payment. You will not get this if you use your own courier, you will have to chase if anything goes wrong or missing. At least with Amazons return you post, forget and then receive refund etc. (edited)
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    Thanks for everyone's feedback. I've decided to go with Evri.

    However, the collection (given Amazon CS processed Evri label on the weekend) should have been yesterday and no sign of them (edited)
    That's Evri/Hermes for you. I can't fault their delivery service as it's excellent for me most of the time but their collection service is dreadful. After a few no shows I always just go to a Parcelshop now.
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    You can't remove the barcode... As soon as it's scanned and printed in the shop, Amazon are expecting it. You've started the process through evri.
    That's why, often when doing returns through evri you get a refund in your account before you get home from the parcel shop.
    Fair enough I didn't know that. But 6 days later and after two rounds of starting refund process to try and get an Evri courier out no one has collected. Given it's expected by 22 Nov it's very unlikely to be picked up
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    i too have a heavy item to return to amazon, Amazon had arrangred for it to be returned using EVRI , i have the return label fixed but I have waited in for the collection for 3 days and not a sign of EVRI.
    Does anybody know how i can contact EVRI to find out if they have been instructed by Amazon for the collection and let me know roughly when it will be collected
    Just talk to Amazon. You won't be able to contact Evri.
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