Returning An Ebay Purchase - Question Re Postage

Wondering if anyone can help me.

My girlfriend bought a sink for her bathroom from Ebay the other day. It cost her £19.99 and £15.00 to buy it (a total of £34.99).

She ordered it in silver blue to match her colour scheme, but the seller has sent her one in royal blue which doesn't really match with anything.

She's e-mailed the seller and they've replied saying they'll replace the item but only if she sends the royal blue one back to them first of all, which is fair enough - but they're saying they won't refund postage costs she has to pay to do so (another £15.00).

Can they legally do this? Effectively they have messed up by sending the wrong item, and now it's going to cost her another £15.00 to get the one she ordered in the first place.

Cheers for any information.


It was their mistake, they should cover postage.

Original Poster

I know they should, I'm wondering if legally they can.

Changed wording slightly in my first post. Thanks though

Legally the goods supplied were not 'as described' thus the seller is in breach of contract, and therefore is liable for all costs to rectify the situation.

yep ^^ you can claim it all back by a paypal dispute

I would recommend posting that on the moneysaving ebay board

They are experts ther regarding paypal chargebacks etc

Link is Here


Can you prove the item was not as described though? did they admit to having sent the wrong colour?

Personally I don't know why anyone would buy such a thing off ebay, if it needs to be a certain colour...surely that's something you should go and look at? But yeah, recheck the listing and see what it says exactly, and if you think you have a leg to stand on tell them they will be paying the return postage and you'll be filing a dispute for item not as described if they don't.

Something I am going to ask which Im not sure what will happen either way, but I bought an amp on Ebay last month and it never mentioned it needed to be plugged into a stereo with a special cable(looked like a big square with 4 small ones in it) so I couldnt use it and no where on auction did it mention it needed one to plug into and I assumed it was a regular amp.

The seller wanted me to post it back.

I also then found out he used PayPerDrop to send my amp which cost him £6 and yet he charged £30 postage! cheeky ******.
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