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I am sure a few fellow HUK Dealers would of come across a similar situation I find myself in. About 3 weeks ago during the Boxing day sales I purchased an electrical bundle, a typical if you buy this and this you get x off the total amount, but all 3 items must be purchased together.

So it came to £220 but I got £50 off so I walks away with 3 items for £170, the £50 off was the deal breaker as buying elsewhere would of saved me about £30 so I was £20 better off buying the bundle. Anyhow 2 of the items I use right away and they are great, but the 3rd Item I only started to use yesterday as it was not immediately needed and it is not as I expected, the feel is of a poor build quality with a piece of the plastic casing split slightly, so I am going to return the item as its clearly not worth £75, reading the receipt it states I have 28 day no quiddle return on unused items which this is, but how do I approach the issue of the £50 discount as now I have not purchased 3 items, unable to return the other 2 as they have been used. Any ideas so that I am armed and ready should I get challenged on this, I dont want an exchange as the product is not really suitable and should they now add £50 to the bill I will be worse off as items could of been purchased cheaper elsewhere, I am happy to return all 3 items but I know they will not accept 2 of them because they have been used, any ideas?

Also to add this was an online purchase but can return to a store
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Where did you buy it from?
They'll add the £50 so you'll get £25 back...
If you are returning under their returns policy then you will be refunded in accordance to that. They should have a T&C section explaining what will happen. Some companies (Crocs) will give you a refund percentage if you use a voucher. Others will take back the full voucher value and refund you the amount due less the voucher.
I can not speak for the law, only for what we did back in the day when I worked in retail support more than 10 years ago.

If a customer was unwilling to accept a replacement he/she would have to return all the bundled items and I would charge a restocking fee for those items that were missing parts or were physically damaged. However no deductions would be made for items that simply looked used (within reason) or were missing their retail packaging.

This was based on the fact that any defective item, even if it was a free bundled item, constitutes a breach of the sales contract that was formed at the point of the retailer accepting an order. If any item in the bundle is defective the customer must be able to seek remedy. Within 30 days of purchase that remedy comes in the form of the customer, not the retailer, choosing between a repair, a replacement or a refund of the entire sale.
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You would either have to return all of the items or lose the £50. This is the problem with bundle deals, do not buy them unless you are sure you want all the items. You will now be out of pocket slightly.
The total discount is about 22% so each item will have the same discount applied. You should receive the amount you paid minus 22%.
Every retailer will treat this differently.

You could rebut from the cheaper retailer. Then return everything to the dearer retailer using the un-opened new ones.
Though depending on the reproduces serial numbers may have been recorded.

You could also get an exchange but to a different product but only f original discount stands.
Sorry for the late reply on this and thank you all for the suggestions, yesterday I returned the item that was damaged and on inspection the shop assistant agreed that the quality was sub standard, called a guy from the tech team who also agreed that it looked in his words like a Friday afternoon product as he went on to point out another cosmetic fault, anyhow they did a stock check and they now have no further stock, confirmed that no further stock will be coming into the central warehouse, nearest store with stock 80 miles away. When they looked at the invoice and the £50 discount they offered me the option of a refund of £58 odd sharing the discount across the 3 products or another model as a replacement with the original discount applied, I took the first option as other models were more expensive. I think it was a fair outcome, and really good customer service from John Lewis.
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