Returning an Item to Currys

Bought a cross trainer from currys on May 30, it came on June 14/15 and was signed for by my cousin, (was on holiday).

We didn't open the box til 2 days ago and found that the item appeared to be 2nd hand and can not be assembled properly because the mainframe is bent.

I e-mailed Currys and asked for a return but they said to contact the manufacturer and gave their number.

Looks like they are washing their hands of being a supplier - are they allowed to do that?


Basically no!

Contact your local trading standards for advice if necessary:thumbsup:

[SIZE=2]See when items such as this are delivered, doesn't the signature constitute that the items have been delivered in expected condition?[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]I know when I've had stuff delievered before, my confirmation always tells me to inspect the contents before signing it.[/SIZE]
Your cousin may have inadvertedly signed to say that items are in perfect order - worth checking out.[/SIZE]

Original Poster

I think it is unfair if Gaz's point is true:

You only know if everything is ok if you open every box in the package, there were at least 10 individual boxes to check (inside the main box), I mean does the delivery guy have 30 mins to spare?!

Even then you might be short of some items ........ how do you know if you are short until you assemble the item?!

I always sign for stuff marking it unchecked

As Currys are the ones who provided you with the item the contract is between them and yourself and no-one else.

you got no chance of taken things back ..... they r nobs wen it cums down to this . good look you will need it

Did you buy it online? I bought a TomTom for my husband for Christmas (06). He used to for a journey last month but the next day on the return journey it would not switch on. I phoned Currys and when i'd finished getting passed from pillar to post, i was given the number for TomTom "that'll have to go back to them, as they are a company who would prefer to deal with any returns or repairs themselves" Maybe the company who manufactures your product have the same policy ? (or maybe Currys don't give a stuff!! - sorry)
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