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Found 5th Nov 2008
My little boy has received the red piano for a present and I have no receipt.. its is unopened but don't know where and when it was purchased and I feel cheeky asking when it was a gift?? Will they exchange? I called them and she said its helpful to know when and where it was purchased so it can be verified.. He has a piano and I have no use for this.. should they exchange or are they not obliged to??
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i guess all elc follow the same rules,i have returned gifts to our local one without a reciept and they gave me a store credit to buy something else from them
oh i also returned my lil ones elc till as the cash drawer kept jamming and that was more than 6 months old and had no packaging or proof of purchase and they just gave me a new boxed one off the shelf
yep i dont think they will be funny with you. We have an elc on Mothercare and i think its the same policy. Last known price gift card refund.
I've returned presents without receipts before & ELC were no trouble at all - amount refunded to gift card to be used within a year
I'm always returning stuff them to them without a reciept and have no trouble at all hun, should be fine.

Edit: U'll only get an exchange or credit note though
i returned loads of stuff after my little ones party-its the age she was at-she had about 5 things twice-i think everything she got came from there ! I had no receipts-but becasue it is their own brand they just let me swap it all for things she wanted-which was lucky becasue she had got the kitchen and wanted loads of bits for that ! :thumbsup:
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