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    Hi, I bought a pair of Skullcandy earphones from Play about 3 months ago.They have now stopped working in one ear.Do you know who would be liable for replacing these?



    skullcandy's have a lifetime guarantee amazon replaced mine over a year after i got them. if play won't go direct to skullcandy did you register when you bought them?

    i have the exact same problem, play state that they accept returns up to 28 days after purchase, so i have contacted the manufacturers to see what they say, just awaiting a reply. mine are cx-500's

    Off the top of my head, I think you get 45 days to initate a return to Play. 45 or 90, one of the two. You can find out by checking at Play, under the Orders section, where you might or might not have the Return button next to your order. If you can't return it to them, you can either phone them and complain until they let you return it, or concede defeat, and go direct to Skullcandy.

    'Tis the thing with, you see. Unlike other retailers, they aren't actually British, so they aren't bound by any of our trade laws. The terms you get with them are pretty much the terms on their site. They're normally pretty good with customer service though, and would rather lose a few squiddies to keep you happy than save the money and lose you as a customer.

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    Thanks, i'll drop Play an email and see what they say.


    play operate a 30 day warranty and then leave you to try to claim from the manufacturer.

    they even had the cheek to state on watchdog they are operating under UK sales law (which they're not!).


    Good luck dealing with Play CS. In my experience, they're what you might call retarded.

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    Credit where it's due I emailed them and they've given me a return code.

    Play are really good with returns.

    I returns a need for speed game after 28 days and they sent me a brand new one.

    Usually if it's within a year then return them to where you bought them.

    It's what I usually do. Play should work it out from there.
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