Returning cashback to quidco /topcashback

Found 14th Jul 2014
so the scenario is or maybe it has happend to you that you have purchased something through quidco/ topcashback and they have paid out to quickly.

However just before or after they paid oout - you returned an item or cancelled the item juch as signup to comms services

would you return the cashback to quidco/topcash back or keep it ?
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Keep it lol.
return and use quidco /topcashback to buy it again and repeat if the same happens
Be honest. Make a note of the Cashback details and contact customer services. They're offering you a free service which provide you returns on your purchases, so why risk being caught and losing the opportunity for future transactions and cashback.
Edited by: "nemesiz" 14th Jul 2014
Return it
OP, what would you do?
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