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Just wondering if anyone has ever returned one under warranty before? I requested a return online and they sent an email saying something about initial diagnostics indicating it would be covered under warranty. I don't know if they manually read the description of the problem though, or just went on the option I selected from the drop down, I selected intermittent sound as the problem as there wasn't an option for what I have - the sound is fine, as I explained in the claim, the earphone jack won't insert in to the ipod properly any more and it just falls out, and yes I've tried various sets and there is nothing stuck in the hole.

What I'm not sure about is the fact I no longer have the perspex box it comes in, though I do have one for a different model, I'm not sure if the fact the serial and colour on the box doesn't match the actual ipod matters?

Also, does anyone know if they repair it or replace with a new/refurb one etc?

Thanks if anyone can help


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Without meaning to spam, it's a little unnerving having 666 posts :oops:

you don't need the original box, usually they arrange for ups to pick it up and then once they receive it they send out a refurb replacement. don't forget to back it up first

My mate took his nano to the apple shop and they took it, repaired it and contacted him a week later to come collect it!!

So you could try visiting the apple shop, if its near by!!

Best of luck

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Thanks a lot for the replies, sounds easy enough by the sound of it, will add rep

Yeah I thought about the apple store but I've never heard of any in this area before.

what area?

When I've had a problem before, they've send round some very fancy looking packaging to send it back with, all for free. They have the right to repair or replace at their discretion, so make sure you have anything you need off it. And don't leave anything on there that is private or confidential.
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