Returning my Linx 10 to Insight - advice?

    So I didn't get the best deal on my Linx 10 from Insight - £175 including the case, which I wasn't very happy about but nevertheless my tablet had a couple of dead pixels that I only noticed on a white screen. So I called up the support number listed in the properties of My PC. They told me that because I had only purchased the tablet a couple of weeks ago the unit is DOA so return it to my retailer.

    Insight then arranges for it to be picked up, but they're going to get it repaired. Surely good customer service would have been to get the unit repaired but replace mine with a new one (other then the dead pixels there was no damaged to it at all, the office was not activated etc.)

    Just tried to give them a call today but looks like they're closed for the holidays. If they told me if they would have either sent out a replacement or just given me a refund I could have then purchased another one on Boxing day.

    Just wanted to see if anyone had been in a similar situation.



    They're entitled to offer a repair. That's why it's important to carefully select a retailer, as some go above what is your legal entitlement.

    I doubt they can repair it anyway.

    Original Poster

    Yeah lesson learnt. From now on I'm going exclusively with the bigger retailers. I wonder if their phone lines will be open on Boxing Day / 27th so I can get a confirmation either way. All I really want to do is to purchase it from another retailer and get a working unit without having to wait for a month.

    So a dead pixel is hard to fix? To be honest it seemed like quite a big circle rather than a pixel.

    Impossible to fix, it's a new panel. Often cost prohibitive but I suspect they'll not tell you anything until they get it back; they only have your word it's not user damage until they see it.

    No harm in asking though

    If you bought it with 28 days they should offer you the choice of a refund, exchange or repair. These conditions apply to the retailer not the manufacturer.
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