Returning PES6 - sold to me as new, but second-hand!

Found 16th Jul 2008
Guys, I bought PES6 for Xbox 360 from last week when they were selling it for £2.99 delivered. It's arrived today, but it's not new; unsealed, fingerprints, clearly says on the disc "BUNDLE VERSION - NOT TO BE SOLD SEPARATELY". When I bought it, there was no mention of it being second hand.

Am I leagally able to send it back for a refund because it was sold to me as new, whereas it clearly isn't!


It doesn't mean it's sencond hand, it just means it would have been supplied with a 360, probably last Christmas or before when it first came out. You know the one with the PES box. Thats all I'm 99% sure you got your self a new version there.

Sort of like if you bought the steering wheel, you got Gotham 3 in it. That'll probably have the same notice on it......but come on mate, for £2.99, it'll cost you that to send it back

Original Poster

No, it's not new. Like I said, it's unsealed, the disc has fingerprints on it, etc.

Return delivery is freepost.

Makes me angry though, if you want to get rid of second-hand stock, at least mark it as second-hand! As a rule I don't buy second-hand stuff...

They'll probably let you return it, but they have'nt done anything wrong, new does not nesc mean new & sealed, look at Blockbusters, they remove all the discs and put the empty cases on display, while the disc goes in a cardboard sleeve scratching it to high hell. Choices are bad for it too, the "new" 79p DVDs in the sale were mostly ex-rental ones.
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