Returning Tesco Direct stuff back to Tesco Stores

Found 3rd Sep 2007
Anyone else noticed that when you return sale stuff bought from Tesco Direct back to a store they refund you the full RRP?

It's happened to us a couple of times now (both on cheap items) even with showing the assistant the receipt and what we paid they still refund the full RRP rather than the 75% off price, it's been going on since the launch, you would have thought the most profitable company in the UK would have cottoned on by now! :?
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Now that's a Hot Deal. :-D
Unfortunately for us the only 2 things we have returned have been cheap items (£7 in the first place) down to £1.75 what we paid etc, but both times we have returned it's happened, I was just wondering if it's a nationwide thing or specific to our local Trowbridge branch.
Tesco seem to use Home Delivery Network Limited.

More annoyingly when two items were damaged upon arrival, Tesco were fast to refund me etc.

But made zero mention HDNL wanted to come pick the items up, I had to guess when the courier came and scramble to go get the broken items.

Poor service on Tesco's part for no notification and to use the likes of HDNL doesn't help.
I think if it's a high price item then they're going to go to the effort to fix the price. If it's only a few quid then they're not bothered, but if it's 50 quid then they'll overtype the price.
Tesco just got too much on,they taken on way too much,too many mistakes on their part,I take advantage while I can.
Ill have to a have a wee looky into that :whistling: :whistling:

Ill have to a have a wee looky into that :whistling: :whistling:

you do that and we'll tell Tesco you promised us all Sharp 32" LCD tv for £199....:giggle:
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