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In my haste at gettin lots of birthday money I ordered a 37" LCD tv from the other day. However I have now found a 42" on the Currys site for nearly £100 cheaper and they are both the same make.

The problem however is that my item from Amazon is being prepared ready for dispatch and the order cannot be cancelled. What I intend to do is take delivery of the item and then send it back immediately under the 7-day cooling off period thingy. The thing I'm wondering is, do I need to arrange a courier to come and collect the TV and return it to amazon, or do amazon arrange it and I just cover the cost??
Oh, and how much do u think it will cost for a the item to be returned to Amazon??



You might still be able to cancel it if it hasn't been dispatched yet.

Just call customer service and ask them to cancel it and if they can't, then you can just Refuse delivery of the item when they delivery. That will save you the hassle of having to wait for a courier to pick it up

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Thanks, you dont happen to have a number for Amazon do you? Couldnt find one on their website, have emailed them asking to cancel the order as I no longer want the set, will need to wait see what reply i get.


At the bottom of the page there is a 'Contact Us' link. On that page you can click on the 'Call back feature' where you type in your number and they'll call straight back. This feature is only active when the Customer Service Centre is open.

If you prefer calling them, then the number can be found on [url][/url]

As I mentioned in my last post, that if they dispatch the item then when they try and deliver the item to you just refuse to accept it from the courier, this means the courier will just return it to Amazon and you will receive a refund

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Thanks Robot, got that number, hopefully be able to stop them dispatching it and stop them from debiting the money from my account. If I cant do that then I'll just refuse delivery like you suggest. Cheers

I refused delivery of an item from Burtons 6 weeks ago.

I'm still awaiting my refund. Be careful.

difference between burtons and amazon though

Yes, very much agreed. I'm just placing a lil warning on here though - it should be easy but it might not be!

I sent a TV back to Amazon once (after calling them) they arranged for a courier and even paid for it. I got refund straight away no probs...
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