Returning unopened games, hmv

Just been given a psp game for which we have a receipt, was bought as a gift so has been sitting wrapped for a while, it is outside of the 28 days as it was bought on the 11th november. Will hmv do an exchange? (unopened)


Most likely - just go in and try your luck.

I have taken things back to a shop before with the receipt (not HMV though) after 28 days and they either just haven't noticed the date, or maybe they just weren't bothered - I got a refund.
So you may still be able to get your money back if you get the right person.

If you just want an exchange, it may be better to say you lost the receipt? In case you get someone moany who tells you they won't do anything, because they don't have to.

HMV is 21 days exchange, not 28 so.....

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I gave them a tenner extra and got syphon filter logans thingy instead.

k, just for future ref, did you give the receipt or what?

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yeah, one of them started talking about the date but the guy working with her gave a "do we really care" look and did the exchange
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