Returning Vacuum Cleaner to Argos After A Week?

Posted 30th Jan 2010
Got wood floors on the ground floor and carpets stingily went for a £59.99 Vax upright vacuum capable of doing both at Argos last sign of any Dyson deals at the time.

On their website, the returns policy states that returns must be in an unused condition, yet Im not happy with this item AFTER using it. I would say Ive filled the container about 1/2 full in a week.

The problem I have is the thing blows dust everywhere because of the air blasting out of the front and every other crevice on the thing...clean one part of the floor only to go back to where you've been and there's a few dust bunnies that have appeared out of nowhere! Never experienced a cleaner like it to be honest.

I know it probably says alot for the state of the house and the amount of cleaning thats done, but I'm just not happy with it doing what its doing.

What are my chances of a refund if I turn up with it back in the box after an empty and cleanup after its obviously been used?
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