returning xbox to argos, help please!

Posted 13th Feb 2008
Hi, basically my xbox core (bought from argos in april last year) keeps crashing on me, and the disc drive keeps getting stuck. I decided to take it back to argos to get it repaired, seeing as it is still in the years guarantee.
When i got there the women tried to get me to phone up xbox myself abd get them to fix it, I declined and said i'd rather it was fixed through argos.

I left the store being told it could take up to 28 days to have the console fixed and returned to store. I said fine and left for sixth form.
When i got back argos had phoned my house telling me that they can't send it to xbox because they have to go through troubleshooting procedures first before it can be sent off to repair.

I phoned argos back and told them that i had already been through the troubleshooting page on the website and that none of the tips had helped, and the issue with the disc drive getting stuck could not be fixed by me.
She gave me the option of coming in and picking up the xbox to send it off to microsoft myself, but i declined again stating that i'd prefer it that argos dealt with it.

I told the women that on argos's terms and conditions it says that argos will give me a repair, refund or replacement and said that i would rather have it replaced or have a refund than have to wait for the xbox to be fixed, I was told that I will have to wait until it has come back from microsoft before i can get a refund or replacement.

Argos say they'll phone microsoft again tomorrow because the women who i spoke to this morning is going home now.

Abit confused as to what i can actually do, I've read threads before where people have been given refunds when they've bought the console back in.
To be honest I'd rather do that than have to wait for the console to be sent off and "repaired" then find it breaks in another couple of months.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated!
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