returning xbox to argos, help please!

Posted 13th Feb 2008
Hi, basically my xbox core (bought from argos in april last year) keeps crashing on me, and the disc drive keeps getting stuck. I decided to take it back to argos to get it repaired, seeing as it is still in the years guarantee.
When i got there the women tried to get me to phone up xbox myself abd get them to fix it, I declined and said i'd rather it was fixed through argos.

I left the store being told it could take up to 28 days to have the console fixed and returned to store. I said fine and left for sixth form.
When i got back argos had phoned my house telling me that they can't send it to xbox because they have to go through troubleshooting procedures first before it can be sent off to repair.

I phoned argos back and told them that i had already been through the troubleshooting page on the website and that none of the tips had helped, and the issue with the disc drive getting stuck could not be fixed by me.
She gave me the option of coming in and picking up the xbox to send it off to microsoft myself, but i declined again stating that i'd prefer it that argos dealt with it.

I told the women that on argos's terms and conditions it says that argos will give me a repair, refund or replacement and said that i would rather have it replaced or have a refund than have to wait for the xbox to be fixed, I was told that I will have to wait until it has come back from microsoft before i can get a refund or replacement.

Argos say they'll phone microsoft again tomorrow because the women who i spoke to this morning is going home now.

Abit confused as to what i can actually do, I've read threads before where people have been given refunds when they've bought the console back in.
To be honest I'd rather do that than have to wait for the console to be sent off and "repaired" then find it breaks in another couple of months.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated!
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You have a contract with Argos - not MS, so it is their responsibility.

Tell them if they dont want to honour the sale of goods act and get it repaired, then you want a full refund. Threaten them with trading standards if they dont play ball.

Its very important to be forceful, but completely calm. Dont lose your temper or raise your voice.
thanks guv.
Have been quite clear about what i want but remained calm

So if they phone up tomorrow telling me i have to sort it myself, should i demand a refund?
This is entirely up to you, If Argos arent adhering to their terms and conditions - get a refund or send it to Microsoft.

If the xbox does end up being sent off to Microsoft, Make sure you are in constant contact with them (not complaining) but explaining that this is distrupting your gaming life. I did this and they sent me a few months xbox live gold membership for free. If the xbox breaks down again - then you get even more out of them.
When I sent mine off, it took a total of 9 days to get it back (including weekend) and I could track exactly where it was through UPS.

If you do send it to MS then do it yourself - MS will send UPS out somewhere convenient to you and the same dropping it off.

I would demand a refund and get one from HMV tho.
Argos usually good with taking things back,I would go to another store.
thanks for the replies!
To Dougy, I think you must have been lucky because my mate sent his xbox off and didn't get it back for a month!
Mum2connor, i think it's argos policy not to give refunds until they've repaired it because the women was going through a computer menu which was telling her what to say to me etc.
argos/tesco may think they rule this country by making their own consumer laws up

go back and ask for the manager - make sure you take his name - tell it what has happened - how many times you have rung - gone into shop etc - let him apologise to you for all your bother and then wait to see what he offers - which should be a full refund or they will send it back - dont take 28 days - ist class post takes 1 day usually - 2 weeks at most and then kindly ask for a loan machine -
if he gives you the brush off ask for his name again - and inform him you are ringing head office to clarify situation - let him know you are not a happy bunny - preferably go in when it is really busy so other customers hear whats going on

best way to spoil a managers day - im off to tescos now to find a misprice or be overcharged on something
i am saving up all my £5.00 vouchers i get given from there mistakes - or as the other day green mouldy bread
so far in feb £20.00!!! i am hoping to have £200.00 for xtras at xmas - that is the only reason i go to tescos apart from the really special offers

hint to get 10 pence off a litre petrol

some tescos are doing special if you spend over £25.00 in certain parts of store - buy a cheap microwave or something get your voucher for petrol - take microwave back next day or so

saved £6.50 on petrol plus got my points
bletchley store doing it as its next to asda
Strato - this is probably the best explanation of the options open to you and gives advice on how to approach Argos and what your rights are.…165

Argos have really tightened up on their procedures for xbox returns however they should honour their own terms and conditions.

The wording on their website says "If you've had the product for up to 1 year, we'll repair the product or, if that's not possible, give you a replacement or, if that's not possible, a refund." You could insist they send off for repair but tbh you'll probably get it fixed quicker by going direct through MS.
thanks gari!!

Looks like what they've offered me is within the law, so will wait for them to sort out the repair.

Just very annoying seeing as I paid £200 for the console thats supposed to work, but then not be able to use it for a week + due to a fault which isn't my fault.

Thanks for all the helpful replies!

Will update on what happens tomorrow morning, when i'm supposed to be getting a phone call.
Did you pay by credit card?
If I was in this situation, I wouldn't have even bothered with Argos. From what I have heard if you organise direct with MS, they come and pick it up from your house and drop it back by courier. Seems to me basically your asking someone at Argos to do this job for you which, of course, means it will take longer. If the unit needs replacing, MS will do it themselves and you get the benefit of tracking its progress yourself rather than leaving it up to Argos.

The only company who would actually replace the unit straight away in this situation would be John Lewis (although I guess they are rolling this back more and more nowadays).


Did you pay by credit card?

no used the old gift card technique to get £10 back on the hundred pounds i spent
Irrelevant to an Xbox but I took back a pushchair to Argos,I had a receipt and it was a cheap £25 pushchair that I had receipt for still,anyway the mechanism wasn't opening back up when I wanted to use it.I had it really close to 12 mths and they took it back,give me money back and I went across to Mothercare and got a new one.This going back about to 2002.

Then going back to 2000 my Playstation was playing up,again it was about 2 wks left of the warranty so I took it back to Currys.They just said Sony have said to replace them instead of it going off for repair.However I got a new one and we set it up at home,there was some other wire that went in it and we saw it been chewed by the hamster,well we had 2 of them at time.That might been affecting it.Also I might not got any hassle at Currys cos I was pregnant at time,took the Playstation in the Tuesday,had my son on the Friday.
Oh yeh and as people have said now you need go through Microsoft to get it sorted if Argos not want to know.
eventually ended up speaking to manager of the store
She says that they have phoned microsoft but they say that the customer has to organise the repair themselves, unless the store emails microsoft.
The manager says that they don't have an email facility in store where they can email microsoft from, so i HAVE to organise the repair through microsoft myself.

I quoted the T+C about returns and said that it says that if they can't offer a repair they'll give me a replacement. She says that they are offering a repair facility by giving me the phone number of microsoft.

I quoted the sales of goods act etc and told her that my contract is my argos not MS and told her that it's not my responsibility to fix the xbox it's hers.
She just kept telling me they've done all they can and can't offer me a replacement until it's been through diagnostic checks.

I was on the phone for ages, so eventually just told her that i wasn't happy and i'd like to clarify the situation with Head office. I've taken her name and said i'll contact head office.

Really quite annoyed, doesn't seem fair that i HAVE to sort the repair out... even if it is quicker to go through MS it's not the point, surely I have some sort of comeback??

Whats the next steps available to me?

Again, any help would be greatly appreaciated!

Really quite annoyed, doesn't seem fair that i HAVE to sort the repair … Really quite annoyed, doesn't seem fair that i HAVE to sort the repair out... even if it is quicker to go through MS it's not the point, surely I have some sort of comeback??Whats the next steps available to me?Again, any help would be greatly appreaciated!

As others have pointed it out, it would probably be quicker for you to do it directly with Microsoft, but the law states that this is your CHOICE, not Argos's.

Write/phone Head office, they will take it seriously, tell them that you have spoke to trading standards, and they have advised you to get back to them if they continue to fob you off.
Just ring MS, they will arrange a UPS courier to pick it up, fix it, then courier it back to you FOC - job done.......
but if it breaks again, i no longer have sale of goods act to protect me?
well thats my understanding.
emailed Argos.
Waiting for a reply, have to go to work soon, so don't really want to get into another 30 mins + convo
they are contravening sale of goods act - the trader is responsible

if you dont get no joy go onto [url][/url] there is a template letter you can copy

dont let the b*******s get away with it

havent got psp myself but from what i can gather an awful lot seem to break down

if this is the reason argos say to contact microsoft direct i would like to think argos are contravening sale of goods act in a big way by selling goods knowing they have an inherent fault - naughty naughty!!

can someone verify that there is a common fault
my xbox one x has e105 error looks like the hard drve is dead still under warranty got told by argos i had to call microsoft when i rang them was told its £188 as my xbox is out of region
Geoff_Anstey14 h, 55 m ago

my xbox one x has e105 error looks like the hard drve is dead still under …my xbox one x has e105 error looks like the hard drve is dead still under warranty got told by argos i had to call microsoft when i rang them was told its £188 as my xbox is out of region

I’d guess Microsoft CS made an error there or someone bought and switched out the Xbox you got from Argos.

Do the serial numbers on the box and console match? (Assuming they still list them on the box of course).
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