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Found 21st Feb 2011
hi has anyone had dealings with returning anything to jessops? we got a new camera from my partners parents for xmas and we have had trouble with it since using it, we thought it was just the batteries at first, but the power on button sometimes doesnt work, for instance i was using it yesterday then i switched it off and 5mins later decided to take a few more pics but it wouldnt come on, then when it did eventually come back on it switched off leaving the zoom part sticking out. weve tried new batteries but the same thing happens. are they a good company for returns or will they try fob me off.
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I bought a camera from there a few years ago and the batter stopped charging. I brought it down and they explained that it was from a faulty batch. Without asking for proof of purchase they ordered me a replacement battery free of charge. I was very impressed. If it's faulty there should be no trouble returning it.
Have you tried using the proper batteries it asks for? You're best using rechargeable Nickel-metal hidride (NiMH) batteries, The problems you're explaining really do seem like it's because you're putting rubbish batteries in the camera (by rubbish, I don't mean pound land batteries, they could be a good make but with the wrong chemicals inside). Try some decent batteries, and only then think about taking it back.
some days its fine then other days it just wont turn on, we dont use it very often i just take pics of the kids now and again, but even with fresh batteries in the power button sometimes doesnt work. i might give them a ring and see if they have had any other people with problems, its just a pain like yesterday we went to the park took the camera then after taking a few pics it decides to switch off.
i will recon give it a direct current(D.C),that will teach it a lesson for not turning on
i took it back and they have sent it off for repair, luckily it did what i said when the lady was messing with it and she put in some other batteries, i think maybe the part what holds in the batteries isnt holding in the batteries properly and thats why it keeps turning off and not coming on. i hope they cant fix it so i can get a different one as im not keen on it lol
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