Revealing the exact contents of a PSN voucher code

Posted 26th Jan
I recently made a confused and rushed purchase of a Voucher code for Fortnite on PS4 from a place called Eneba. The contents didn't match what was advertised (should have been Neo Versa pack and 2000 Vbucks, but it only gave 500). They told me to contact Sony/PSN asking them to confirm the contents of the voucher, and to send a picture of their reply.

After emailing PlayStation support with the code, they replied that the contents of that voucher is "The Neo Versa pack". I already knew that. Problem is there are several Neo Versa packs with different Vbuck amounts. They said I should contact the publisher for more information about that voucher code.

I'm not sure if providing them my PSN ID would have helped, I just emailed them directly. But it seems odd that they don't know the exact contents of a voucher code on their platform. I checked my transaction history, and even on there it only says
Fortnite: Battle Royale - Neo Versa Pack. I emailed Epic anyhow. But is there seriously no way of knowing exactly how many Vbucks were offered with that voucher code from PSN directly? Seems really odd.
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