reversing sensors for clio

    Looking at a reversing sensor for a clio 2004 model. I know I have mirrors etc but handy none the less as great on my v7o


    Contact your dealer and see if they do the kit seperately. Skoda do for the Fabia and I bought the kit on ebay for £70. And it is a genuine kit too with the sensors in the bumper. They were easy to fit and took me alone about 4 hours. I've only heard bad things about the ones you can't see, so be careful.

    Hi Moosey,

    Generally you can pick up sensors for around £40+ Onwards, we would supply and fit and would come to you to do it for £150 + Vat.…481

    You may be able to pick up sensors from ebay for as low as £30 - the problem here is if you buy them and arrange for either me or someone else to fit them and they work for two weeks and they go faulty, because the person you arranged to fit them didn't supply them, they will charge you a call out fee.

    If you are a DIY specialist and want to have a go yourself, you could try wireless sensors where you do not have to run the wires through your vehicle - have a look at this link:-…481

    Give me a shout if you have more questions and I will try to help.



    I would get the ones that are made for the car myself as first choice. They will have the correct connectors and will be made to work with the car.

    Second would be the ones with the actual sensors showing as they are more accurate than the electro-magnetic ones.

    They are very easy to fit, and I'll happily send anyone the pics from when I installed the ones on my Fabia. And yes, they still work a year on, so I can't be that bad!!

    Hi again Moosey,

    "get the ones that are made for your car"

    what do you mean that they have the right connectors?


    Hi, Iceblue

    I mean if Renault do a kit for the Clio, like Skoda do for my Fabia. On the Fabia there is a plug behind the bumper, you have to remove this to get the cables inside, but the genuine kit contains a replacement one thats made to fit. Also, the connector for the power (from reversing light) is made to match up to the connector already there.

    It just looks OEM then and does look a lot better and is reliable, so less likely the need to call someone out.

    Thanks moosey and I now understand, I was under the impression that an aftersales kit was "off the shelf" and not a dedicated Kit - thats what I got when I bought my Mondeo two years ago.

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