review on the silverfox bmx with mag wheel

Found 3rd Jan 2009
i was woundering if someone could just help me ive receieved my bmx via argos and my wheels are buckled has anyone else had same problem? and wat did you do cause they all outa stock everywhere i look now

all help welcome lol
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dude, mentioning no names i used to work for a company that sold Silverfox bikes - absolutely shocking packaging and having wheels buckled in the box was a certainty! Phone Universal Bikes as they do the parts for them, kick off and demand replacements, they will ask you for the buckled ones in return. Make sure when you ask you specify the whole wheel is needed as they will send you only the rim with no axles!......

Also, they might tell you to leave them in the sun for two days as they are designed to expand back to normal shape - tell them you arent waiting till august for some sun!

How they still do this is unbelievable!
i got 1 from wilkonsons for my sons xmas present same thing happend with me,i sent it back still waiting for money to go back on card though!
, i went to halfords and got one on xmas eve they evan built it up for me - spot on:)
how much u thing i bike shop would charge to fix up the wheels? as all i want to do is ride the damn thing lol so if not to much i might just go local shop and either buy a spoke key (mag wheels and spoked wheels take same key?) or ask them to fix it...
i brought my son one of these for xmas and the back wheel has already broken hoping to take back on monday to argos
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