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Found 11th May
Seems the much HUKD favoured Revolut have turned nasty. Read here:…55c
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In short, seems if you top up a relatively large amount ~£350, they block your account instantly, ignore you on their live chat service and if you try contacting them about it on Twitter they block you on that as well!
Although it's good to know this kind of information I'm not sure you're getting the full story from him on there it seems like there's more to it than that and it could simply be Revolut checking for Fraudulent activity.
I closed down mine a while ago and use Monzo without a hitch
interesting. I was about to sign up this week but will avoid. I was going to use it to use in Spain next week. Is there any other services/ websites people can recommend for a good exchange rate (and I want to avoid ATM fees if possible)
Stole £50 from me recently, provided all the ID asked for and they would not let me access the account. Going to try a chargeback. Scummy company
Turned nasty? No.

I've used them for over 2 years, buying stuff from international sites, using the card in Spain multiple times and never once had an issue. Just because someone is having a bad experience with them it doesn't mean they've 'turned nasty'.

Every company has customers with issues, it happens. And I agree, I doubt we're being given the full story here. I also love how the OP in the reddit post uses Monzo and "cannot recommend them enough."
Well, there are quite a few people with the same story, or very similar, at least. Accounts are being blocked right after topping up a sizeable amount. The only way to contact revolut is by live chat and they don’t answer. If you complain on Twitter, they block you. What’s company does that?! It’s not only that Reddit thread that you can read about it. It’s all over Twitter as well, but you won’t find it using their official Revolut Twitter account because they block and sensor any critical posts about them. There were at least a couple of threads on Revolut own forum as well, but they just lock them so people can’t discuss negativity. The reason why you haven’t heard negative things about Revolut is because they do a good job of hiding it.
I've got revolut linked to PayPal. I only top up as and when needed.

Not read the article but if people are transferring large amounts, legitimately, and being blocked, its worrying.
I’ve been unblocked now. My situation was virtually identical to the guy in the reddit post in the OP. That is, after using Revolut quite happily for the past several months, I topped up nearly £400 from my Visa debit card so I could make a USD purchase without fees. Pretty much as soon as Revolut had charged my card they blocked my account and went silent on me. Live chat didn’t respond at all (they’d previously been fairly quick to respond. Maybe an hour or so delay, but not longer). When I complained on Twitter, rather than offering assistance they blocked me on Twitter. They read and ignored my Facebook messages.

Totally bizarre way of treating customers. Anyway, as I said, they’ve now unblocked my Revolut account and, naturally, I immediately withdraw all my money and my Revolut account is now empty. I won’t ever use them again.

Don’t get me wrong, security is a good thing but if they’re going to deny me access to my money, would they not have a support department on hand to assist resolving whatever security alert has been triggered? Banks do, and Revolut are in the process of applying for a bank licence (god help us). But the Twitter blocking thing was something else. Never, ever had a company block me on twitter as a response to a request for support. Then reading other people who have experienced the very same reassured me that I’m not going mad, but boy, they are some strange business practices at Revolut.

They do block a lot of transactions for no reason and proving they are legitimate can be a bit annoying and they do very rarely ask extremely personal questions as to why you are buying what etc.

But they always unblock in the end.
This sounds like scaremongering, I have been topping up £1000 each month for the last 3 months ready for a trip abroad, no issues here..

I suspect there is an underlying problem with the top up, something triggering them the suspect fradulent activity.
Rastafari1 h, 51 m ago

What is?

The hyperbole being shouted out here.

There is always a very good reason for those blocks and it took less than 45 seconds to find the reason in that reddit.
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