Revolut card or WeSwap card?

    Will be using for Usa. Noticed a £25 load offer for WeSwap but none for Revolut? Both seem really good and are top 2 on MSE. Any advice appreciated. Have used Asda pre paid 2 years ago and no problems. thanks


    I use revolut but never used it abroad. only gor online but my friends recommend it. never heard of weswap. i use entropay for online too

    Does it not cost £5 to obtain a Revolut card? Why not Monzo it's a £100 load but no reason not to remove this again at a cash machine.

    I used revolut on a recent trip (Germany, not the USA) and had no issues with it whatsoever.

    In fact, I'll definitely use it again. Loved the app, had android wear notifications and everything was really easy

    Used Revolut in the us and was great even bought currency in q at Disney with the app did look at weswap but already had other back up with fairfx card

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    thanks guys, read up on monzo but the exchange rates are best with revolut or weswap, so many to read up on now oO

    Just about to head to America with revolut...deciding when to exchange can become an addictive game/gamble lol
    Used it online to pre order things to the hotel with no issues.

    Me and my partner used Revolut in the US last year. No problems at all. Pretty easy it was!!

    revolut for me!

    Revolut is great and well worth getting. Just be aware that it is not 100% usable in all ATM's and retail outlets. I'd back it up with a Halifax Clarity credit card which I have used worldwide with no issues.

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    thanks all think ill go with revolut !
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