Posted 8th May 2021
For some reason uber eats are not taking my payments either. It keeps getting reverted, revolut said it could be a delayed payment but in the meantime uber won’t let me order from my account. I’d rather wait for them to take the money back than to risk paying twice.

so in the mean time I thought I would use a family members account to order but I keep getting the message that my financial service has rejected the payment. This keeps happening and I can’t put a order through

does uber eats know that the card being used to attempt payment owes money to them? Bear in mind it’s a disposable card so card numbers are always different for each transaction

not Been able to get any help so far, was hoping someone on here who has experienced something like this will be able to help me know what’s happening
thank you
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    Just placed an order and worked fine.
    On the Revolut app you need approve Uber payment when adding the card to the Uber wallet.
    A notification appears however it can be easily missed.
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    They may not like the virtual card of that's what your paying by
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    ch7leach08/05/2021 18:04

    They may not like the virtual card of that's what your paying by

    Oh it always worked fine before
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    Hitesh_Janjua08/05/2021 19:19

    Oh it always worked fine before

    Never tried so I genuinely don't know. But it would have been my first thought