Revolut payment declining in Youtube India

Posted 14th Jun 2022
My revolut card expired and trying to add a new card and it is keep declining. Any one else having issues with setting up monthly payment for family plan?Paid a whole year individual payment with revolut and it was working, problem is with recurring payments. Thanks in advance
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    The problem is with India. I believe that the Indian government introduced legislation regarding recurring payments a couple of years ago. I moved my YouTube sub to Argentina largely for that reason and also because it was cheaper.

    And if you want hassle, let your card expire before sorting it out.

    If you don't, add your new card as a backup payment method first and then remove your primary.
    How do i change from India to Argentina on YouTube Premium?
    Want to keep same family account.
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    Where are you doing this from? Within YT app?

    From what I've read previously, you need to keep the old card on, add the new card as the back up option, then remove the original card which will make the back up card the main card
    Interesting. I have just got a new revolut card and will need to change my Netflix turkey to it...
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    Have you tried linking payment via PayPal and link PayPal to your revolut card?
    The paypal option is not showing for india sub
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    I may need to try argentina. I m.using ivacy vpn and Argentina is not there.
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    Am getting problems updating my payment details for YouTube Premium (India), my REVOLUT card expired, try add the new card (fully activated with pin in store) details but keeps failing, tried my card and also fails, anyone one the same problem?
    I didn't delete the card expired ( don't seen option to delete the card anywhere.)
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