Revolut Perks has launched - Earn rewards for every 10 purchases with your Revolut card

Posted 26th Feb 2020
3413283.jpgEarn rewards with Revolut Perks

Revolut Perks is an easy way to get rewarded for your everyday spending.

Generous perks for the things you love

Revolut works closely with selected partners to secure discounts on stuff you actually want. With Perks, you’ll enjoy money off everything from coffee and pizza, to hotel rooms and cab rides.

Pay with your Revolut card

Whether you're at home or abroad, pay with your Revolut card for spending without hidden fees. From booking an Uber to buying lunch, each payment you make will get you closer to your next perk.

How does it work?

Every time you hit your 10th purchase, you’ll receive a cashback or discount offer. Keep an eye on your Perk meter to see how close you are to your next offer. After going on a live chat with Revolut, I can confirm free Revolut accounts are also eligible for Perks, however paid accounts will generally get better Perks

Never miss a perk

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Revolut is taking the power back from big banks and putting it in the hands of people. Download the Revolut app and join 10M+ people already getting more from their money.

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Helpful extras - from my live chat with Revolut

There is no timeframe for Perks (so you can collect up to 10 Perks at your own pace. "Points" will not expire), however, there is a limit of perks per day, and that is a limit of 2 perks per day.

And please be advised that, transactions to certain categories of merchants that will not qualify for Perks. And those are Gambling, Quasi cash, Trading & securities, e-Wallets, Financial services, Payment services providers.

And you may also earn multiple perks, but perks cannot be combined. E.g. if you have two cashback perks for one coffee shop for 50% and 25%, you will not have a 75% cashback after a purchase. Instead, you can make 2 purchases in this coffee shop that will give you 50% and 25% cashback respectively.

Also, Expired perks cannot be used.
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