Revolut - Wrong Balance after Top Up

Found 28th May
Earlier this evening I topped up my Revolut account by £52 using my bank Visa debit card.

The balance before was £47.71 and after the top up was £73.48 instead of £47.71 +£52 = £99.71


I can see that the difference is the sum of the last 3 Amazon transactions:

£99.71 - £73.48 = £26.23

£0.24 + £22.74 + £3.25 = £26.23

But this does not make sense to me as it would imply that my account was overdrawn which is not possible. Those transactions had be debited from the balance the day before leaving a balance of £47.71.

I tried contacting Revolut's customer services but there is a wait time of 12 hours!

Can someone please help or explain?

Many thanks!
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Can't explain what's going on but I got a very prompt response from Revolut customer services via Twitter. I posted something negative about their current waiting time and within 15 mins someone from Revolut got in touch and I was to solve my issue by private messaging. They have too many Twitter followers to be able to ignore negative feedback.
Pending payments may account for some of it. I know my bank accounts can take a few days to register the transaction fully
If you total the top three entries (the latest ones) that makes up the difference to the penny.
It looks like amazon has taken a £1 prepurchase charge. And this is a bank holiday weekend which can play havoc with balancing books over the weekend.
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Look at the top on the first picture.

It says £21, maybe the is available balance? In the second picture it is £73. So makes sense?
I contacted Revolut on Twitter and Customer Services contacted me in the morning on live chat in the app.

Yes it was because of pending payments. I never even really noticed the figure in small font at the top before. Yes this is available balance. They've emailed me a statement so everything is fine.

Thanks everyone.
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