Rewiring Electric Windows on a Peugeot

Just got a new car, but unlike my old pug, you could adjust the electric windows without the keys in ignition (useful cause I never remember) Its really bugging me! I used to be able to hold the lock button on the remote fob to close the windows and lock the doors, but it doesn't do this either.I havent mucked around with car electrics for years (I usually blow 100's fuses lol). This is a 06 car.

I know there are different types of +'s (constant power, ignition power). Would I need to rewire the switch or the windows, or both (or neither!?). and is it even possible to do this on newer cars. Ive heard the wiring looms are a nightmare on newer cars.


I'd just buy an aftermarket full closure alarm.


I'd just buy an aftermarket full closure alarm.

Not sure that's what OP is completely after - from what I read they want to be able to open/close the windows without the key being in and the ignition on?

Yes the aftermarket full closure would sort the fob issue tho

I'm betting the newer cars removed this for H&S bet would be to look at a dedicated pug site :thumbsup:
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