Rewiring power button and reset button on pc

Found 22nd Jul 2008
Ok I have a new mobo, processor etc but cant use it yet as the connection is all in one on the case(heard its common to stop people upgrading) whereas I need them seperate

i.e the power cable, and reset cable and led cable are in one bit of plastic instead of a seperate connector for power switch, led and reset.

Anyone any good at doing this or can do it for me?
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what case is this? This may be difficult but are there gold-like connectors on the side of the plastic holding them all together. If so, you can get a thin screwdriver and press them so that the wires can come out. You can then rearrange them to fit the board. However as for which wire goes where is beyond me as the colour codings are different.

Does your old mobo tell you which connectors is which (as in which is for powerled+, powerled-, SB SW etc) as it gives you a good idea.

like this for instance (look at bottom of mobo):…jpg

Not a good example but the gold-like connectors can be seen here (the 2 gold dots at the end of the connector)…jpg
Well each cable is a different colour the one from power switch to case is white and green, the led is red and white I think etc.

So I know which goes where but have no way to connect.

Out of interest can you get those black bits of plastic anywhere?
finding them for sale is harder than i thought :D.
Will keep a look out!
The world is full of discarded computer cases, just nip to your local tip with a pair of snips in your pocket and I bet you can easily get some motherboard connectors. Just keep an eye out for the staff:whistling:
or just buy a new case??? a nice looking one will set you back £30ish but surly its worh it?
its dead easy. all you need is a pin. each of the pins in the connector block has a little "hook" of metal that stops it from coming out of the block. you simply apply gentle pressure to that hook (its visible) and pull the wire. it will come out and then you can rearrange the cables as required
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