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Found 18th Oct 2017
Has anyone been part of any review sites and got any products for free for reviewing?

How did you go about getting started and what experiences have you had?

e.g. reviewer?
e.g. amazon reviwer?
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You could put yourself forward as Gumtree advert moderator.
ITMA23 m ago

You could put yourself forward as Gumtree advert moderator.

Do you have more information on this?
Amazon. I've had over 200 items in the last six months. Mostly tat but some useful bits and bobs. Unfortunately, the golden era is over and anyone getting into it now is probably looking at just phone cases and screen protectors.
The Amazon review thing is now pretty poor. It’s changed it’s name to Vipon now, and rarely do you get any free stuff, quite a lot of it is cheaper elsewhere.
This is also a pretty good reason to take the reviews on Amazon with a pinch of salt. A lot of people who got free stuff felt obligated to give a better review than was justified.
You would also need Prime to make it an option to be considered
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