RF remote controlled wall dimmer?

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Found 13th Dec 2006
I am struggling to find reasonably priced (below 100 quid) wall lights switch/dimmer working with RF remote.
Other variants like fitting additional receiver behind the existing switch are not possible unfortunately.

Any ideas where I can get such thing from?

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Are you looking to replace the existing switch, with a plate style?

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Yes, I want to replace existing switch. I bought RF dimmers to be fitted in ceiling but unfortunately I can't fit it behind chandelier fitting unless I move it half a meter away off it and also cut holes in ceiling (which I want to avoid).
So I decided that the only way to have remote controlled lights is to use RF wall switch.


These are IR switches, I need RF one.

:oops: Sorry, i've mad the same mistake Euromancer did.

I've got IR one's already and was gonna make suggestions, but clearly not.

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How precise should you point at IR one? Does it work through glass (I have glass french doors in my living room)?

I can bounce it off any wall tbh, but not tried through glass. Always depends on battery strength, but i've not changed them for years now

There a brass finished plate, with the sensor, upper corner. remote is a one button toggle, on/off/dim when held


i purchased a dimmer from B&Q - it was around £15 and can be controlled by a remote (optional extra at £7).

It was a simple install; I just replaced the existing switch with the new silver face plate. The dimmer can be controlled by simply touching the switch with your finger or with the optional remote, you can obviously control from that too. Furthermore, you can control the remote to be used with a universal etc.

Hope that helps.

Here you go -

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Thank you very much I'll try this IR then. Maybe it'll work

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Bought black IR dimmer off B&Q for 25 quid. I know that this is not the best possible price around but I needed it ASAP Also my wall switch is fitted to 25mm case and no one specifies dimmer depth on the web, so I decided to not take risk and to pay a bit extra.
Fitted it and it works quite well! Paired it with my universal remote and it catches signal through glass and even when signal bounces off floor and ceiling.
Great stuff, thanks everyone!

Just one question: I have 400W lights (40Wx10) and dimmer (it is 400W max) is getting really hot. I can't burn my hand yet but it is very hot. The user guide says that this is quite normal. Is your dimmers are getting so hot as well?

Sorry, only just got in. My wall plate doesn't get hot, no, but does sometimes emit a low level humm-cum-buzz at times but then again, it's only on a 40w bulb lol
I hate the way you cannot use energy efficient bulbs in dimmers, well, yet and not sure if you can, i know you can abroad cos i've mentioned this before on here, and someone kindly pointed some towards me

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Well... if lights are dimmed, the switch isn't that hot. As to energy efficient bulbs, I am not sure if it is possible to use with dimmers. And I am not even sure that there is such thing as SES energy efficient bulbs?

I bought mine last year off a guy on eBay called Ben Sunderland.

Looks like he still has a rather good rating. One point of note is that although i'm used to it housemates always seem to find it a touch over-sensitive when they come to harass me. I don't know how common this problem is with touch sensitive switches in general.

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Your dimmer is very similar to mine bar colour (mine is iridium black or whatever they call it).
Mine seems to be very sensitive too but I heard no complaints yet
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