RGH'd Xbox 360 - Does anyone know how to remove extra game covers I've got showing in freestyle dash 3?

Found 4th Sep 2013
I've searched the Net and can only find details of how to add covers if they are missing. My problem is on some of the games i've got 2,3 or sometimes even 4 game covers for some of the games.

How do i remove the extra covers so there is only one cover showing for each game?

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Its normally because you have more than one default.xex file in said game folder, I have the same problem and havnt found a way yet other than moving or removing the multiple default.xex files
Thanks i'll give it a try and see what happens
Didn't work, checked every single folder and there aren't 2 default.xex files? I reckon its the cache that the 360 is creating some where and as and when i've changed the names of the folder etc its then created an extra cover. Is there anyway to clear the cache and start afresh?
Sorted it in the end but i had to delete FSD from my drive then re-install it all again, so lost some of my saved game data etc....... Live and learn i suppose, i won't be messing with the folders again

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