Rice and/or Slow Cooker

I am looking for budget Rice and/or Slow Cooker
don't have much experience so any help would be appreciated


I wouldn't bother with the slow cooker, I was bought one last Christmas and used it a couple of times... I ended up throwing it away as never had time to satrt it off in the morning in time for dinner (couldn't even give it away as charity shops don't take electrics!)

I have a rice cooker in the cupboard (another christmas present!) and that's where it has been for the last 3 years as it is quicker to fill a pan than cook it in the cooker! I would have thrown that away too but it is right at the back of the pan cupboard!

If you really want one, see if you can borrow one from friend / family and test it for yourself! You will find loads of people have them...and don't use them!

PS. If you are local, you can have the rice cooker!

i have a rosemary conoly one and i love it use it loads do stewed steak and sausage casserole put everything in it at night then turn the switch in the morning then serve when i get home .even done shepherds pie in it.

]ASDA .........

Freecycle.........there are always some on there
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