Richard Butcher Dead at the age of 29 - Natural Causes?!?!

    Macclesfield Town have announced that midfielder Richard Butcher has died at the age of 29.

    The ex-Kettering, Oldham, Peterborough, Notts County and Lincoln City man's death comes less than a year since the loss of Macc boss Keith Alexander.

    Macc chairman Mike Rance told BBC Radio Manchester: "We're devastated just 10 months after Keith Alexander passed on.

    "We're facing the same sort of issues and nobody at the club can get their mind around what's happened."

    Rance added: "Richard was an exemplary professional and a thoroughly likeable young man, a total role model for young professionals.

    "He didn't turn up at training this morning and our manager Gary Simpson was concerned, as it's not like him.

    "After investigation, we discovered his wife was away and that he'd passed away overnight.

    "There's no indication of anything other than natural causes but we don't know any more at this point in time.

    "We are just struggling to cope at this point in time that such a young and likeable individual has been lost."

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    Something strikes me as a bit odd! his wife goes away and he dies of 'Natural Causes' at the age of 29??

    Maybe just coincidence? what do u think?

    Didn't know much about the player, this sort of thing really unsettles me when someone dies so young and aparently naturally!.. R.I.P


    From what you have put, his wife could have just gone to visit relatives or something, doesnt seem that suspicious to me.. Just sad happening too often to people in football

    Such sad news - we lived in the same area and went to school together. None of us can quite beleive it!


    Very sad news.

    Saw this this afternoon on Sky Sports News. Very sad.

    Isnt there some condition that footballers and alike are prone to where their heart can stop for no reason? I remember a few cases in recent years where this has happened due to the prolonged stop-start running and training they do can have an affect on the heart.

    Not saying thats what happened here but the other players were young and died also of natural causes. Totally tragic beyond comprehension.

    RIP Rich. A top bloke that help save us (Notts County) stay in the football league.
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