Richer Sounds (HIDDEN) returns handling charge?????!!!!!!!!!

Found 31st May 2009
recently made a purchase at richer sounds local store after seeing what I thought was a good buy (LCD TV) but when got it home it didn't match on-line mention of an additional colour. So phoned them and said can i return it...checked web site...was well with in their T&C and it was unused etc.....returned it and then told I would have to incur a 15% handling charge!!! or it could be reduced if i purchase another product (providing it cost more) and then only be charged 5% extra!!!!! Sad

I wasn't informed this when i made the purchase...and even on the box there was no mention of the additional colour....

Has anyone else had this problem..and where do I stand?
We mainly went with Richer sounds because of the good extended warranty price and previous good experience.

must say I'm somewhat peeved with it all.
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i would of kicked off
Do you think its worth complaining then? I hate feeling like I've been conned
did u open it? if u did then they might charge you because they would have to reduce the price when they sell it. if u didnt then i would complain.
Send them a nice letter explaining it wasnt as described, they will probably scrap the handling charge. good luck.
I only opened the box and looked at the TV through the plastic...didnt take the stuff out/use it.

think a letter would be a good idea..thanks
if it wasn't as described then you're within your rights to get a replacement or full refund.

afaik they can only charge a re-stocking fee if you're returning it under the guise of some sort of "no quibble" return policy which is above and beyond any legal protections
what was the item...
i would *politely* but firmly tell them you are not willing to accept a charge to return the item since it is not as described/shown in catalogue. if you dont get anywhere at the branch, write to head office, i would be surpised if it wasnt waived as long as you remain reasonable and articulate. good luck. :-)

Returns• Goods, other than faulty goods, may be returned within 7 w … Returns• Goods, other than faulty goods, may be returned within 7 working days of the date of receipt by you of the goods. The cost of the return delivery charge under these circumstances is to be paid directly by the customer. As you can appreciate, all such goods must be returned in an ‘as new’ condition complete with packaging and all accessories, with the original packaging unopened. Unfortunately, goods which do not comply with this condition may not be returned. Where goods are returned in accordance with this provision, we will happily reimburse any money already paid by you, excluding any delivery costs incurred by us.

Faulty Items• Important notice: time limit for notification of c … Faulty Items• Important notice: time limit for notification of claims:- If goods arrive in a damaged condition you must inform us within 7 days of the date of delivery and we will either replace the goods at no charge, or refund any money paid by you for the goods. If the goods returned under this condition are found not to be defective and in full working order, they will be returned to you. An administration fee of 15% of the price of the goods, along with the cost of carriage will be charged to you, to cover the costs we have incurred.

I'm guessing it falls under those points in their T&C's somewhere.

I'm guessing it falls under those points in their T&C's somewhere.

T&C's don't mean squat,
the first is probably irrelevant because it sounds like it was meant for on-line purchase and this was an in-store purchase.
The second actually contradicts consumer law according to the SOGA goods must be as described rejection under that means a FULL refund must be given.
I want to try and follow this up for you and get an answer; could you explain what's meant by:

"even on the box there was no mention of the additional colour..."

Was the television housing available in a range of colours? Or do you mean something else? If you you can give me a shout at, we'll have a look into it for you.
just had a chat with the store and all had been dealt with. so thanks for all replies I should have phoned them earlier :blush:
exactly sme hing happened to me about a month ago basically bought soemthing wasnt as advertised and i want happy and it was like 8 days after when i checked it, after having o email back and forth finally they accepted that i would pay no handling fee but that was probally because i was going to buy an upgraded product worth more. However they were still very kind and ok about which doubt any other know outlets would so credit to RS!
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