Richer Sounds Question

    Does anyone know if Richer Sounds online prices are the same instore?
    cheers in advance


    They are usually a bit cheaper in store... the occasional web exclusive maybe cos their warehouses are much bigger than their tiny stores.

    Most of my surround hifi is from richer sounds, their extended guarantees are great value @ £10-30, they replaced £400 amp within days for example.

    They're usually a little more expensive instore (say around £10 on a £200 item) but as long as you tell them that you saw the price on the website they will honour it instore.

    I have found them to be excellent - I bought hifi separates from them totalling around £500 and had a few problems, ended up being given £50 cash and £50 in vouchers (which I used to buy another HiFi).

    Definitely an A++++++++++++++++ store.

    ooo conflicting opinions!... fight fight fight!

    LOL! They do prefer you to buy instore so that there's no delivery, easier to return if there's a problem, so they can give you advice etc.

    They are also very helpful - I have used the ones at Chelsea & Ealing.

    Yes I've used the one at West Ealing...and have had to take something back and no problems with a refund.


    ...They do prefer you to buy instore... so they can give you advice etc.

    You really mean so they can advise you to buy expensive cables :viking:

    j/k :-D they are not as bad as currys etc

    :thumbsup: got my dvd surround sound system in there , good prices, good service and products
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