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Found 28th Jun 2012
I bought a tv in Richer Sounds today - really happy, looked around a lot and the closest I could find to what I paid was an ex-display model in House of Fraser. HOWEVER, I am leaving the country next week and so had factored in the VAT rebate when working out what I wanted to spend.

But on a TV with £120 VAT in the price the best I can get back out of RS is £70 because of the £50 fee from the Global Blue company RS uses to do this. According to the salesman this is the only way to do it and they've never had any previous complaints about the fee. Apparently Richer Sounds don't get any commission back out of it either.

So has anyone had a similar experience? or
Found an alternative way to do it without losing an exorbitant amount of your own VAT?

I know Mr John Clayton, the Operations Director of Richer Sounds is a user so perhaps he could shed light on this for me? I am entirely happy with the product and the service I received in the shop was brilliant, but have been left exceedingly irritated by a 3rd party you have referred me too, at supposedly no benefit to either of us.

Thanks for any help,
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Can't you just keep the receipt and claim it back yourself from HMRC?
I know if you buy a tv from house of fraser and it is exported directly overseas outside the eu ou get all the vat returned to you as soon as you provide the bill of lading
Just ask them to fill out the Vat form at the shop, it's a green form. Go hand that in at the airport you should be able to claim all of it back. I think that's how it actually works not heard of a retailer who actually gives you a refund directly themselves
Global Blue is mainly for holiday makers claiming back the VAT before paying their own import taxes.

Richer Sounds won't make anything out of it, and the company I used to work at only used Global Blue because some customers wanted that option.
You can only use the vat form that you get stamped at the airport if you are carrying the goods with you so for a tv the only option is the direct export route where the retailer should refund the vat to you
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