rick and morty

Found 5th Oct 2017
if you are not aware this is possibly the best show on tv, season 3 is epic
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10000% agreed!!!!
Season 3 is my least favourite so far

You can tell they have expanded the team by the fact the characters motivations and personalities are quite sporadic.
v. funny show
Seasons two had more laugh out loud moment for me than other two. All very enjoyable tho.
What channel?
Most of the episodes are on youtube
It's brilliant

Anyone seen my plumbus
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I like it. Miss Futurama.
In season 3, episode one, the alien was voiced by Nathan Fillon. (FireFly)

This is the Regular Show. The Sandwich of Death Part 1, 2 and 3.

Few bad episodes in S3, the same in S1 and S2. Can't always be great, sadly.

But did love the last episode, found myself laughing loads with the president character.
Forget the TV show, where is the sauce?
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