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    I had an email to say that new Ricky Gervais tickets were going on sale this morning. I have bought some but i have no idea if its the same as the science tour. Does anyone know wether it is the same tour? It just says Ricky Gervais Live rather than science but he normally has a name for his tours. Also his already done science at the NIA where im going. ( ive aready seen science so hopeing it different)
    if any Ricky fans know please let me know thanks

    Also on a different point does anyone know how to beat the ticket master and get the best seats. I ring or go online as the tickets go on sale but still get miserable seats? i know some go to compitions etc but surely not the first 12 rows?



    Google News suggests that this is the Science show again...

    You can beat Ticketmaster by:
    * Getting an O2 sim/phone and using the 'Priority' privilege (although seats ringfenced for this are still usually crap)
    * Subscribing to the Ticketmaster Priority scheme
    * Scouring the net for pre-order codes that let you get in early
    * Not using Ticketmaster - there are tons of great ticket agencies out there - Aloud, WeGotTickets, Stargreen, WayAhead etc...check 'em all out...

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    2 seats...row B, Block … 2 seats...row B, Block B

    how did you get that? I tried and it comes up with row R? it says timed out when i click yours

    2 seats...

    for the 1st date..

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    not working for me

    How many tickets you want?

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    only 2

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    just tried that now at BK F row c

    im getting BK F row b, seats 3-4 now.

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    and me lol never mind thanks. i got Block A row N not great but i was front row last time so will just be good night out x

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    cant beleive its the science tour again lol what a strange thing to do. never mind ah

    The tour i seen might aswell have not been called science apart from the on stage props it had nothing to do with the subject,Which is a shame as his first two shows that were more like lectures were his best especially animals.
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