Ricky Hatton V Floyd Mayweather

I think vicky fatton will get the upset win, well I hope he does, dont like the cockyness of Floyd, although he can be with what he has won
Hattan will defeat him i say 3rd round knockout.
i think hatton will just edge it. should be a good fight.
Im torn... I really want Hatton to win, I just dont think he'll be able to pull it off unfortunately.
I think Mayweather will end up taking it on points in his own backyard but it will be a brave effort from Hatton.

I think both fighters have a 100% win record as well, so someone's record will come to a halt..... I just hope it's a great spectacle, I've been looking forward to this one for a while.
I think mayweather will win. But i want Hatton to
hatton all the way
Hatton will go all out and destroy him. surely he is gonna be sooo pumped up for this fight that he will just fight his heart out. The only way Hatton will lose is if he suffers a bad cut, and unfortunately that can happen.
what about the draw?:whistling:
I want Hatton to win, but I think Floyd Mayweather will get the victory
Arsenal Fan

I want Hatton to win, but I think Floyd Mayweather will get the victory

That's what I think too, but I'd be delighted to be wrong!!!!

:pirate: CJ :pirate:
COME ON MAYWEATHER !!!! its going to be a great fight hopefully ordered it.
Ricky Hatton all the way

He live to Knock out people like mayweather
Yep, he always seems to be able to up his pace when needed- it's just he's normally a lazy git and is happy to do just enough to get the win!
Come on MAYWEATHER. everyone knows mayweathers gona win we just gota see how.
Love Hatton but think Mayweather may have too much. Would love to be proven wrong though
what channels gonna cover this? i saw the khan fight in the listings and thought it was this for a sec. i guess its gonna be payper view on in the early hours?
yh payperview about 3-4ish in mornin
Think Hatton will win, my friend and her husband are actually flying out Friday night and have ringside tickets for this! They are staying for the weekend with a helicopter flight down the strip!

Lucky beggers!!
hatton hatton hatton, no doubt!
Fatton will punish gayweather!! gayweather got bad hands.
Hoping for a Hatton win, reckon it will be tough tho. But isnt the best thing the trash talk before I love it.
Cant believe it!!

I just gave a mate of mine a call about something - and he said I was fortunate I caught him as he was just about to board a plane. Yup, you guessed - he's on his way to Vegas to watch the fight!
i think mayweather will win on points, but would love nothing more for hatton to knock him out 3/4 round,can see it happen though.

So is it not on setanta sports,can seem to get pay perview
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