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    I have just bought a bike and I can't figure out how to use the gears. Can any of you cyclists out there help me please?
    My bike has got 15 gears (although how they work that out is a mystery to me). They work by twisting the handlebars. The ones on the right are numbered 1 to 5 and work the front cogs. The ones on the left are L to H (which I guess is low to high) and work the back cogs.
    The first time I went out on it I was exhausted within a few minutes because it was hard work and my legs were peddling too fast.
    On Sunday I had another go and found that it was easier when the right hand side was set at 5 and the left hand side was set at a couple of notches above L. But then when I got a bit of speed up my legs were peddling to fast and I didn't know which way to turn the gears.


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    That is really helpful. Thank you. Rep left.:thumbsup:

    Are you sure there aren't only 9 gears... ?

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    I'm not sure of anything.
    This is my bike:

    I'm sorry I can't do the link. It's a Comet 26" ladies bike.

    You're fine, it's 15 gears.
    Read through the link I gave you a couple of times and then have a practice. It will come to you very quickly once you've actually physically ridden it and changed gears.
    Don't be afraid of using the gears as much as you want. You will find the gears you like depending on the terrain where you live.
    Take care

    Its this one then? :thumbsup:

    Do you need these??

    lol, only kidding! Kidding! haha, get it? Kidding?? :?

    Sorry I was making a joke that no one got (about the 9 gears)


    Sorry I was making a joke that no one got (about the 9 gears)

    Yep! I think you were on your own then!:whistling: :giggle:
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