Riding in the cold....gear recommendations

    I had my bike out today and while dry it was rather cold especially on my return journey going into the wind!

    My jacket and overtrousers were doing their job well plus with my helmet vents sealed my head was not too cold however my hands and feet were freezing. I should have some glove liners to dig out and wear inside my my bike gloves which should sort out my hands but I'm not sure about my feet, I'm just wearing standard Cat boots at the moment. I've seen some hiking boot style thermal socks which look worth a bet so I'm wondering how other bikers here deal with winter.



    I ride a lot to work - 20 miles a day. This will sound a bit daft, but boots are not too good as they don't allow your ankle to rotate as much as normal shoes. I have read somewhere that this means your muscles won't work so hard in your ankle / foot area therefore you may get feel a little colder.

    On the bike it's all about stopping the wind getting through, so if you find a pair of boots or shoes with loads of laces and perhaps a tongue that doesn't join to the sides of the shoe very well it will let in loads of freezin cold air - fine for the summer - not good at the moment.

    Don't wear a thick pair of socks wear if possible a couple of thin pairs, I've also found though if you end up wearing too thick or too many and your foot is tight in the shoe that's not good either.

    By the way for extreme weathers buy decent socks / gloves from a proper outdoor shop. You could even invest in overshoes but they look it bit weird if you're not "into" cycling, but they will keep your feet toasty!

    Heated grips?

    If you wear SealSkinz waterproof bikers gloves like me, I'm not surprised they are not enough when the weather starts hitting the lower reaches. I also need to wear liners under them - or sometimes regular gloves over them (but not preferred as then lose grip) - and as for socks, I just double or triple up as needed. I have a pile of x-static socks which are great for temperature control and wick away any moisture effortlessly. In fact, can't wear any other type now or I tend to get mild athletes foot flaring up. If you come across any good sites for x-static socks at good prices please let me know. Even though I have about 10 pairs, they are starting to show their age a bit and maybe losing their silver threads. But in 2+ years, have never worn a hole through one of them so good value for money!


    Heated grips?

    just fitted some grips a couple of weeks ago. They really do keep your hands warm but finger tips still get cold so may get some muffs. If you are thinking of fitting some grips I found a nice fitting page on the internet with step by step instructions...

    Don't generally get cold feet (have touring boots) but sometimes I'll use 2 pairs of socks as suggested previously and I try and keep my feet well tucked in when I'm not using them!!

    In the spring time (usually March) Aldi & Lidl usually do reasonably price bike gear (including thermals etc) ......

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    Heated grips?

    Would be nice but neither the old or new bike have them - I don't know if they can be fitted as an option although I reckon glove liners should help there.

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