Riemann P20 200ml needed - BEST PRICE?

    okay... here's the problem..this is the only suntan lotion I can use and I always struggle to find this other than buying in duty free which is usually around £19.00 a bottle....

    anyone know of any deals where I can get this cheaper?

    thanks in advance everyone


    I got some in tesco last week £5.29!!!

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    nothing on tesco website? which tesco's?

    Original Poster

    apparently Tesco stores up north can get this 50% off? anyone varify this and which stores?

    Gloucester stores are still full price and I might then be able to get them to reduce based on the fact that another Tesco store is 50% off...

    this is the only suns screen I can use (due to a rare skin issue I have)...typically everything else in store seemed to be 50% off... help needed everyone as it is around £20 normally for 200ml
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