Riemann P20 Once a day sun cream

Found 4th Sep 2008
Anyone spotted Riemann P20 once a day sun cream on offer anywhere? With the summer drawing to a close everybody's getting rid of their sun cream but this is full price! Argh! It is the best though
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There was some in Matalan when I went in a couple of weeks ago. Not sure on the price though. HTH
]Chemistdirect £18.45
£16.99 ]here

£9.49 for the is the cheapest I've found for the 100ml bottle
Tesco 100mls £5.89!!! wasn't much left in my local store but worth a try in yours
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That would be magic if I can find it! My local tesco doesn't stock it. Thank you
got some piz bun once a day factor 8 today for 3.99 at home bargains hope this helps, they had loads in droylsden.
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