right following my surround sound post -problems HELP!

    right got optical running from PS3 to surround sound + HDMI to tv
    got optical running from tv to surround sound
    sky HDMI to HDMI

    so two optical cables into th surround sound (only 1 port) so using a splitter.
    thing is it doesnt work unless i plug the optical cables in separately
    but doesnt work at all PS3 or TV if using the splitter?

    anybody help doing my nut in

    tv is LGPQ3000
    and sony dav-DZ260

    would be greatful for help :-) would give REP but can LIKE your post instead LOL


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    got optical running from tv to surround sound + HDMI to tvThat makes no … got optical running from tv to surround sound + HDMI to tvThat makes no sense.

    i deleted that part

    When you say splitter is it a Y splitter or an actual switch?

    a Y splitter will not work taking two signals to one input, they only work for taking a single source signal to two seperate inputs. (optical anyway)

    The only way to do it properly with a single input Surround amp is to use a physical switch like this:

    Optical Switch

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    yeh got a y splitter

    Has the decoder/amp also got coaxial digital input and does the sky box have coaxial out.

    The TV should not be going to decoder..(to simplify)

    Ps3 optical out to decoder/amp/ input (however you only have one get a splitter that is selectable) I've got a couple of these http://****…2a2

    Anyways setup the splitter to go into the 1 input you have on decoder/amp.... then put ps3 in input one on splitter ....line up selector to input 1 (your ps3 will work)

    put sky optical out into input 2 on splitter. Select input 2 to use sky etc.

    ITEM 360189288979

    edit screwed up . rubbish site (happens when you edit twice it puts back the post to before edit)

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    so this will defo work ? looks cheapest about aswell

    yeah, I use it. Its a PITA to keep switching manually but defo the cheapest option.

    These things are not built well so don't be heavy handed
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