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Found 7th Aug 2008
i have a trust WB-5600R webcam and i need to download the driver but i cant for the life of me find it. all sites are sayin the driver isnt needed but thats not what my laptop is sayin...grrrr please help OH in the army so we use msn to keep in contact and use webcams to see each other. many thanks jadey xxx

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Have you tried running it with the amcap software? That usually sorts any webcam problems ive had.

i have to say amcam is the best to solve it, Its the software i use for my webcame which is an Eyetoy from a Playstation 2

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how i get that??

It's a driverless web cam;

Driverless technology: no need to install a driver, just plug & go


what operating system are you using?


how i get that??


Are you sure the camera is not duff though?

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still not workin im so

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is it coz my laptops vista?

You say you use webcams to keep in touch.....
Have you used this camera before.. Is the camera new, or the laptop???

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yh always used this cam on this laptop i think its the wire as its not piking up on lptop

If it's only just started going wrong then try system reset, or whatever Vista has, to before , when it was working..
If that don't work.. buy a new one, they are quite cheap. Or borrow one to test your system..LOL.
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