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Found 28th Nov 2017
Hi would like a bit of advice please
My mum has bought her house via right to buy i hav moved in with her to look after her
But i was wondering if something should happen to my mum within five years would i be able to inherit the property
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Why within five years?
What have you got planned??
Why within five years?
What have you got planned??

Why not try here rather than a shopping website.
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Has she not made a will?. if she has requested it is to be split to other members of the family or the cats home that is what will happen, if you are her only family she has then surely she will want it to go to you anyway.
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If you are listed as the person on the will then yes it would be yours, however depending on the time scale up to the 5years mark I believe you would be required to pay back part of the discount pro-rata to length of ownership.

I do not know if the council will chase you on the money since it is a case of death rather than by choice of selling. Contact your council for confirmation.
If your mother dies within the 5yrs her estate wont have to pay any money back
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