Right to see if landlord paid their share of the admin fee?

Found 23rd Feb 2018

I rented a property with an admin fee of £360. I queried a while back whether this was the total fee (since the contract says the landlord will pay half) or the full fee.

I could not believe that a admin fee is £720! Originally they gave me the waffle that the clause refers to that landlord paying half after renewal - contrary to the contract. I left it as I didn't want to rock the boat.

fast forward 6 months and decided I wanted to revisit it.

after asking for proof of the landlords half and pertaining to court action, they change tone and said the landlord did pay £360 and they do not believe they have to show me proof.

I do not believe this.

I'm a entitled to proof?
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You are in conversation with the agents? Ask them for £180 refund as you believe you paid ALL the admin fees .
How far do you want to take it? At this point, if they don't come up with proof that the total amin fees were £720, you could take them to small claims court to force the issue. The problem is that unless you can prove that the admin fees were £720 you are on a sticky wicket, and likely to lose.
Is there nothing on the estate agents site to say what fees they charge?
Hi, thanks for the replies. There is one their website that states fees are either £150 or £250. I have threatened small claims court. They said that they don't have to show me proof.

The contract clearly says half the cost so it must come with the territory to prove the total fees?
Otherwise how do I know I'm paying half.

I can perhaps ask them of proof of total fee?

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Printouts of the website. Tell them that you will be using their own website as proof of fees. Also try asking the landlord directly what they paid. I imagine they will be mighty peeved if they got stung the same as you - of course, if they colluded to pass all the fees into you then you are royally screwed.
Seems as though I am covered by the consumer rights act 2015. They have to be specific about their fres, advertising and detail how it was calculated.

Let's see their response.
It would be worth contacting your local authority landlord registration officer. Ask them to make enquiries with the landlord regarding these fees. Up here in Scotland, it is much more regulated and such a fee structure requires justification.
most admin fees are scams. Its a fee a agent charges to claim to do credit checks or other roles.

I know for a fact 2 years ago they wanted £180 admin fee and claimed this was a fee to check me in and ref checks. They never did ref checks as the 2 people on the form were never contacted. Cost for someone to go check the place was empty and take meter readings, what £10? big con.
We had a reference fee of 150 on top of this.

I cannot possibly believe the total fee of admin is £720. Ridiculous. That's the cost you pay when you buy a house!
Guess what, my Hotukdeals fellowship.

After trawling their website, I find that their fees.

It says £180 admin fee tenant & £180 admin fee landlord!!!!!

I am so shocked. What a bunch or theiving ***. How can I punish them for this.

I want compensation!!
We paid 150 each 4 years ago. Our house is for sale (we had no idea until agency turned at ours door with first viewing scheduled! No, I did not let them in...). We are looking for another house for rent and fees are ridiculous - 280 each? Really?
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smellyonion6 h, 31 m ago

Guess what, my Hotukdeals fellowship.After trawling their website, I find …Guess what, my Hotukdeals fellowship.After trawling their website, I find that their fees.It says £180 admin fee tenant & £180 admin fee landlord!!!!!I am so shocked. What a bunch or theiving ***. How can I punish them for this.I want compensation!!

I'd speak your local police station about it, since it sounds like it goes a bit beyond a civil matter and more into a deliberate criminal act of fraud. reddit.com/r/L…eUK will be able to advise you on the matter, though.
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